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We Don't Just Dump Waste, We Recycle It

Responsibly serving our customers since 2001, Performance Waste goes the extra mile to meet your Waste or Junk Removal needs. Our recycling program is an integral part of Performance Waste. We do not simply remove waste; we dispose of products in a way that they may create usable raw materials. This provides huge benefits to the community, and the environment.

We proudly partner with the following full-sort local recycling companies:
We Recycle
Ecco RecyclingAlberta Waste & RecyclingRecycling Worx

Home Owners

We’ll help clean up whatever mess is at your home – junk, waste, or recycling. Stress-free, affordable, and effective services for your project.


We take the extra step in our exceptional service of new home construction and renovation clients. We have a number of options to maximize your project’s value.

What sort of items are allowed?

Did you know certain items are not allowed to be disposed of in Calgary or may carry disposal fees? Learn which ones.

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We recycle most everything we get.
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